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Brief introduction to Hebei Xingtai Epilepsy Hospital Liuwei antiepileptic pill,Tianma antiepileptic pill, Yizhi brain-strengthening pill Inheritance of Traditional Chinese Medicine Liuwei antiepileptic pill’s effect: Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, extinguishing wind and stopping spasm. Especially for epilepsy of Qi and blood stasis and traumatic epilepsy. Tianma antiepileptic pill’s effect: Strengthening the spleen, drying dampness, extinguishing wind a...【View details】

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XingTai Epilepsy Hospital

Address:No.12,Xindu South Road, development area, XingTai city, HeBei province, China
Zip code:054001
  • In the epilepsy Department of Xingtai epilepsy hospital, an expert group led by Professor Tang Zhimian, a famous international expert on epilepsy treatment, has been sitting around all the year round and has established wind, fire, phlegm, deficiency and blood stasis as the main pathogenesis of the disease. The phlegm is covered with clear orifices and the mind is faint. The wind shakes actively and convulses and vibrates. The incid...

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