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Emergency treatment of epileptic attack

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1. For the emergency patients, untie the clothes and all kinds of straps quickly, immediately make the patients lie on their side, try to keep saliva and vomit out of the outlet, avoid breathing in the airway, and keep breathing unobstructed.
2. Use an opener to open the upper and lower jaw, pad a gauze, or fold a small towel or handkerchief folded into strips, or use a tongue pressing plate wrapped with gauze to insert between the upper and lower molars, so as to avoid biting the tongue.
3. When convulsion, do not press the patient's limbs to avoid fracture.
4. It can be acupunctured at Renzhong, Neiguan, Shenmen and other points, and strongly stimulate the retention of needles for 15-20 minutes. If the attack continues, it is a very serious and urgent situation. We must try to stop the attack in the shortest time.
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