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Prescription novel coronavirus prescription recommended in Xingtai epilepsy hospital

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Novel coronavirus is a novel coronavirus that has never been found in humans before, and can be transmitted through human beings. People are usually infected after close contact with infected people in places such as homes, workplaces or medical institutions. Traditional Chinese medicine calls the infectious diseases of suction tract "plague". In line with the principle of "equal emphasis on prevention and treatment" in traditional Chinese medicine, yinqiao powder was prepared by ourselves: Forsythia 12g, honeysuckle 12g, Platycodon 10g, mint 10g, burdock 10g, northern ginseng 10g, reed 6G, bamboo leaf 6G, liquorice 6G. The novel coronavirus is effective in clearing away heat, detoxifying, nourishing yin and promoting fluid production. It is suitable for preventing the new coronavirus pneumonia in the early stage of epidemic febrile diseases. Adults can take preventive medicine for 3-5 days in 1 doses, 1 days and 1 times, and 2 days for 1 children in children under 12 years of age. Pregnant women and the elderly over 70 can use it under the guidance of doctors.
January 22, 2020

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